Community Connection

What If you became the restaurant of choice and the hub of support for neighborhood activities?

What If you could create a strong personal connection and a high level of trust with every patron and establish the company as an integral part of the community?

What If every potential patron experienced your deep respect and sincere commitment to their personal well-being?

What If you could engage in activities that stimulate positive word-of-mouth and draw guests to the restaurant?

Most independent operators are fixated on marketing, believing that all they need to succeed is to get more people through the door. That is important, of course, but people only come back because they want to ... because you have become their favorite restaurant.

When that happens, it is more the result of continued connection than of endless marketing hype. Part of that connection is personal ... and part of it comes from maintaining contact and awareness with past and potential guests in a way that makes them inclined to patronize you more often.

A Place of Hospitality provides independent operators with the support and templates needed to effectively keep their seats filled. In addition to a realistic marketing plan, participating restaurants will have access to templates that will help them effectively manage promotions, develop a profitable website, maintain a responsive database, support community activities, create clubs and classes, manage loyalty programs, increase personal connection, stay visible in the community and generally maintain top-of-mind awareness within their market area.