In the Media

A Place of Hospitality is still a new idea ... and there is good news and bad news in that.:

  • The Bad News is that there is not yet universal recognition of the designation.
  • The Good News is that, for awhile at least, a restaurant becoming certified is newsworthy since it IS a unique designation and will likely be the first one to be certified in the country ... the state or province ... or the market area.

So in addition to the internal value of making hospitality your competitive point of difference, certification is a good way to generate positive (and free!) media attention for your restaurant. Eventually it may be news when a restaurant is NOT certified as A Place of Hospitality but that may take a bit longer!

Enclosed is some of the media attention generated by the certification of our first few restaurants.

Kitty Hoynes Irish Pub, Syracuse, NY
Panorama at the Peak, Berkeley Springs, WV
Monica's Waterfront Bakery & Cafe, Silverdale, WA

Watch for articles on:

  • LaSalle Grill, South Bend, IN
  • The Factory Restaurant, Fort Wayne, IN