What's the Point?

The point of becoming certified as A Place of Hospitality is obviously to grow your business ... not from endless hype and discounting, but from voluntary, enthusiastic support from the community. The point is to trigger a contagious resurgence of hospitality in your community by delivering the experience of heart-felt caring to every patron, every time.

Does it work? Our experience to date suggests that it does.

For one thing, certified restaurants have consistently generated higher guest satisfaction scores in our online feedback system. Here is the comparative performance for three months ending December 23, 2011. While the scores for all subscriber restaurants in the system were exceptional, those operations that have earned certification consistently out-perform them.

Experience has shown that strong grades equal strong sales. A study by the Harvard Business Review documented that sales grew exponentially as scores exceed 4.5. Happier guests spend more money ... because they WANT to!

We do not ask for financial information on participating restaurants, but certified restaurants have all reported that 2011 sales were 10-15% above their revenue in 2010. Even in a depressed economy, it appears that hospitality is good business. We won't attribute that entirely to their certification, but it seems to be related to their increased focus on hospitality ... and that certainly doesn't hurt!

Getting Started