How It Works

Becoming a Place of Hospitality is an evolutionary process. Internally, the program is divided into six levels from one star to six stars, each star representing a deeper level of guest connection and service to the community. Externally, the public only knows that an operation is certified ... or not.

We have purposely kept the steps small enough to allow operators to successfully advance and and to gradually become comfortable with the understanding that they can always improve, no matter how good they may be. We also think that having a goal to work toward (and maintain once you get there) helps the staff at all levels stay engaged in the work.

To start the process, an operation who aspires to certification subscribes to the Gold Group, started by Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor. This will give them access to all the resources of the APOH support system plus a regular flow of information and insights (weekly e-letter, monthly newsletter, CD interviews and teleconferences). Membership is billed quarterly and is currently just $49.50 a month.

The members apply the elements of the support system to their own operations. Once they meet the One-Star standards, they can be certified as A Place of Hospitality and hold themselves out to the public as such.

Here's Where It Starts ...