A Place of Hospitality will give you a track to run on and help you realize your dreams faster than you ever imagined. The nine functional areas are not, in themselves, hospitality of course ... but they are necessary activities that can become distracting if they are tackled without a plan (or if the implementation is all in the hands of one or two people).

Nine functional areas are too many balls for one person to juggle. Period. We also know the shadow of the leader sets the tone for the rest of the operation, that lack of time and conflicting priorities contribute to stress and can lead to a dysfunctional organization. These factors cause many owners to burn out and throw in the towel ... and for those reasons we will not let an owner go it alone.

Once the owner commits to becoming A Place of Hospitality, the next step is to pick a Coordinator for each of the functional areas as the operation decides to take them on. In a small operation one person might take responsibility for several areas but we suggest there be at least three key staffers involved other than the owner.

This delegation is as close as we come to telling you how to run your business, but it is a necessary step. Being A Place of Hospitality is all about the results ... and we will both be constantly monitoring those. Any behavior that is likely to perpetuate overload -- no matter how well-intentioned -- will work counter to the purpose of the program.

Each Coordinator will receive more detailed training followed by step-by-step implementation processes for their area(s) of responsibility. This helps assure that all the details are being handled and frees the owner to monitor the progress of the Coordinators and focus more on the care and feeding of the work environment.

What's the Point?