Getting Started

The Gold Group is the entry point on the path toward certification as A Place of Hospitality. Membership will give you access to all the support resources we developed for the APOH program ... and put you on the path toward certification as soon as you meet the criteria.

As a start, here's what you get as a Gold Group member:

Weekly Electronic House Call e-Letter
Every Friday morning you'll receive the Special Edition (long version) of my weekly e-letter with ideas you can use in your staff and management meetings. The EHC is a vehicle to pass along short tidbits, insights and fresh observations from current events in the real world with the idea of keeping your mind active. You'll agree with a lot of it, some will make you smile, a few ideas may ruffle your feathers, but all of it will make you re-think the way you do business. This can lead you to major insights ("aha" moments) ... and that will make all the difference!

Monthly Interviews with Industry Experts
Each month you'll receive an audio CD interview with a person doing something significant in the industry. Topics can range from marketing and operations to human resources, management, finance, menu design, industry trends and whatever else strikes me as helpful information for an independent operator to have.

Monthly Roundtable TeleConference
Starting in June, I will re-open the phone line for a members-only teleconference to discuss items of mutual interest or concern. The agenda is determined by those on the call, so you'll have a great opportunity to get a hearing from your peers on any new ideas you are exploring. Truth is that all of us are smarter than any of us so there's a good chance somebody on the call can either keep you from making a costly mistake or offer suggestions that will help your implementation go more smoothly. It’s like a mastermind group.

Monthly Home Remedies Newsletter
Every month you will also receive a four-page newsletter by e-mail where I will pass along insights, answer questions, share trade secrets and offer best practices, all in a short, easy-to-digest-on-the-run format. The newsletter makes for great discussions with your managers.

FREE Telephone Consulting
Do you have a particular question or a specific concern that is unique to your operation? Do you need a quick answer to a sticky situation? As a Gold Group member you can pick up the phone and pose your issues directly to me without a meter running. This perk alone could be ... as they say in the ad ... priceless!

Online Staff Selection System#
Have you ever hired someone you thought would be great ... only to be rudely disappointed? Have you ever compromised service standards because you couldn't find the quantity or quality of people you need? As long as you are in business you will be making hiring decisions, so you might as well have a proven system that will make the process easier. The system has been programmed and it is very extensive ... and the first few tutorials are on the Member Resources page. The rest of it will be ready by the time you need it.

On-Demand Video Training*
Every good operator knows the value of training and constant refresher classes ... but who has time to do it right? For the first time, independent operators have 24/7 access to the sort of online training resources that were once only available to big chain operators. There are already 30 courses available to you, including my seven-part staff training program, "What Every Service Pro Should Know About People." To see a tutorial on how the online learning system works, click here.

Real-Time Online Guest Feedback System*
What if you could see – almost in real time and from anywhere in the world – what your patrons thought about their experience of doing business with you? What if you received immediate e-mail alerts if a guest had a problem or a complaint? What if you could benchmark your performance against hundreds of similar operations around the country? Normally this sort of feedback is only practical for medium-to-large chains, but Gold Group members are able to apply it to their operation. How cool is that? Click here to see a tutorial on how it works.

Food Cost Control System
How much better would you sleep at night if you knew your food cost every day ... without the need to take a full physical inventory? Effective cost management requires the ability to take the right actions at the right times for the right reasons ... something you cannot do without accurate cost information. Well relax, we've got this one covered for you, too! The online version of my Cost Control Compass is being programmed ... but if the process drags on, I'll send you a CD of the program that you can run on your own computer until the programming is completed.

As we develop additional pieces of the program, we will bring those to you as well. Eventually the system will contain everything I have ever said, every seminar I have ever presented and every product I have ever created ... along with my newest thoughts and those of the Project Designers.

* Optional resource. A slight additional fee applies.
# Included with Online Learning System.

But we're not done yet!