An Elegantly Simple Solution

We brought the best minds in the business together to re-think how restaurants operate ... to imagine how they could be ... not waiting for change but becoming the catalyst for it.

Rather than trying to figure out how to make present operating formats work better, we focused on larger questions: "Is this the way the business should be run in the first place?" and "How can we re-invent restaurants to be true places of hospitality, making full use of the technological tools and understanding available today?"

We were committed to discover a solution that met four clear objectives:

  • To trigger a contagious resurgence of hospitality in the world by delivering the experience of heart-felt caring to every patron of every independent restaurant, every time.
  • To be an elegantly simple system that provided a logic, methodology and support structure that would enable every independent restaurant to operate with effortless excellence.
  • To provide restaurant owners and staff with a fulfilling sense of purpose and the joyful experience of enriching the lives of the people they serve.
  • To be so irresistible and easily affordable that hospitality truly becomes the competitive point of difference in every independent restaurant in the world.

The result of "reverse engineering" the industry this way is A Place of Hospitality™, a breakthrough business model, conceived by Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor™ and designed in cooperation with some of the leading authorities in the restaurant industry.

It revolutionizes the way that independent restaurants operate, compete and excel in the marketplace, offering a totally fresh way to deliver what has always led to success in the restaurant business but which seldom happens because operators "don't have the time."

A restaurant that is certified as A Place of Hospitality will deliver an experience well beyond the guests' expectations -- one that it is, indeed, remarkable in the marketplace.

A Place of Hospitality is based on the knowledge that independent operators can prosper if they make hospitality their competitive point of difference ... if they discover how to deal with their staff and guests in more productive ways and have an effective system to tend to the details of the business so they are free to nurture a positive work environment, assure memorable guest experiences ... and have a life themselves!

If the way operators were approaching their businesses was going to give them effortless lives, they would already have effortless lives! The simple truth is that for a business to expand, the owner's thinking has to expand first. One cannot be successful in the future using the thought processes and management models of the past.

The competitive climate (and guests' expectations) have changed. Not too long ago, it was enough to just get the job done properly. But the competitive advantage for independent operators is hospitality and true hospitality comes from a state of mind, not a checklist.

The key to success in this new era lies in reaching a deeper understanding of people and how they work together to create a climate where the guest feels well-served, the staff and managers are happy and the needs of the company are also satisfied.

Hospitality is clearly a "people business," yet few operators ever receive any real education about what makes people tick. In fact, there WAS no such training ... and no support system to give context to its implementation ... until now.

Over the years, franchise organizations and a few exceptional individual restaurateurs have developed approaches that produce consistent results for their own operations. But no one has dared to take on the “impossible” challenge to revolutionize the way independent restaurants at all levels operate in the real world.

Re-thinking restaurants is exactly what A Place of Hospitality is doing.

Here's How it Works ...