Culinary Commitment

What If every independent restaurant offered food products that provided exceptional value, excited the senses and gratified the soul?

What If there was an effective system for training and mentoring that will raise the level of professional curiosity and culinary skill among the kitchen staff?

What If you could stimulate kitchen workers at all levels to develop their professional skills and pursue culinary excellence?

What If you made the culinary experience so gratifying and compelling that serious workers would clamor to join the staff?

It would certainly be inhospitable to invite guests into your home and give them a bad meal -- we are, after all, in the restaurant business -- so an essential part of market differentiation and world class hospitality must be the care and consciousness evidenced in the food operation.

A Place of Hospitality will address menu design and development, cleanliness and sanitation, kitchen operations, plate presentation, safety, inventory control, and professional development. Because kitchen crews are increasingly young and multi-national, training will be offered in several languages and formats. This could include videos on iPod, a competitive online video game to teach sanitation, ESL courses for those whose first language is not English (or SSL courses for those who don't speak Spanish!)