Fiscal Fitness

What If we could automate and integrate all statistical and financial management aspects of running the business?

What If we enabled all computer hardware and software to seamlessly share information and generate desired reports on a schedule and in a format most helpful to management?

What If this approach allowed managers to make timely decisions based on accurate figures without the need to generate those analyses themselves?

What If we eliminated most mundane distractions of the business so that restaurant owners and managers could focus the majority of their time on customer service, staff development and personal balance?

To succeed in the hospitality business, you must be a good restaurant and you must also be a good business. The two are not the same skill sets. Most restaurant entrepreneurs do not go into business because they love tending to the books and managing the more mundane aspects of the company. The business part of the business is not necessarily the most fun, but inattention to the numbers will bring down even the busiest restaurant.

Widespread access to broadband Internet opens up possibilities that were unthinkable only a few years ago and A Place of Hospitality will take full advantage of that. A common complaint of independent operators is the amount of time they spend pushing numbers, so the system will automate as much of the grunt work as possible. The system will integrate all the hardware and software in the restaurant and make sure they all can talk to each other.

The odds are that just about any number you need to be able to make the right decisions at the right time (for the right reasons) either already exists in a computer somewhere or can be calculated based on numbers that are somewhere in a computer or two.

This includes accounting, POS polling, daily reports, payroll, scheduling, purchasing, cost control, invoices, staff benefits, government compliance, cash flow projections, forecasting, recipe cost updating, break even, menu analysis and other necessary applications. All this information will be accessible online to assure participating operators always have a handle on the financial aspects of their businesses -- from wherever they happen to be -- without the need to manually generate the numbers. This also maintains control of the technology and protects the proprietary processes of the system from piracy.

There is a massive programming challenge ahead, but we think that anything that can be codified should be. You have better things to do than to push numbers around a spreadsheet. The goal is to free you to be able to make a decision based on the analyzed numbers, not to generate them in the first place.