Join the Adventure

To briefly review, here are the resources that can soon be available to you as a Gold Group member:

  • FREE Telephone Consulting
  • Marketing Calendar & Templates (coming this summer)
  • Online Staff Selection System
  • On-Demand Video Training
  • Real-Time Online Guest Feedback System
  • Food Cost Monitoring System
  • Weekly EHC e-Letter
  • Monthly Roundtable TeleConference
  • Monthly Interviews on CD
  • Monthly PDF Newsletter
  • ... and there's much more to come!

That's the Gold Group in a nutshell ... and it's a lot to get your mind around. If it helps, just think of it as a customizable operating system for independent restaurants.

We don't know what you're thinking the cost of all this will be. If you've been paying attention to everything that is included in the Gold Group package, you may be thinking of a monthly number with at least three figures ... and even that would be a bargain. We'll get to all that in a second, but because the actual number is so shockingly LESS than that, we should first explain a few things:

This Is a Numbers Game
The more people we have involved, the less we can charge and the more we can offer. The trick has always been to get the initial group large enough, fast enough, to make it worthwhile for everyone concerned. We think the best way to do this is to make the offering so irresistable and so easily affordable that the idea will quickly spread to an ever larger audience.

Time will tell, but in an effort to make this happen, we have twisted arms and done everything possible to negotiate sweet deals for our members. We have assembled a package of resources and services that many chain operators would drool over ... at a price even WE find hard to believe!

We Couldn't Do It Alone
Several of the services bundled into the APOH support system are provided by third parties. (Why re-invent the wheel if there's already something already proven to work?) and we've paid these companies for the custom programming necessary to integrate their products and services into the APOH program.

Bless their hearts, our incredible service providers are also visionaries who believe in the dream and want to help get A Place of Hospitality off to a strong start. They have all agreed to give us amazing deals, just to help us grow the group faster.

We are seriously in their debt and extremely grateful for extending this courtesy, but we certainly don't expect these well-run companies to give their services away forever. So when they finally start to charge us what they should, we will have to pass that along to the members. That's life.

The Gold Group Is a Steal
The monthly fee is embarrasingly low. While it is probably politically-incorrect to mention it, price adjustments are inevitable over the long run as we add resources. On the flip side, if our costs should somehow go down, your costs would go down as well. How many people would do THAT for you?

I firmly believe that by the time adjustments become necessary, we will have added even more toys to the toy box and you will be so thrilled by the load APOH is lifting from your shoulders (and the way your business has taken off!), this won't be an issue.

Whatever happens, to be true to our mission the program must remain "irresistable and easily affordable." This means we will ALWAYS offer you more than we have to for less than you'd be willing to pay!

What's the Investment?
The monthly membership is only 49.50 a month. If you can't make at least another 50 bucks a month with our advice and resources, one of us is in the wrong business!

I'll Even Take Away the Risk
I know you pay careful attention to where you invest your money so I don't expect you to roll the dice based on some vague promises. I want you to give the program a real test and prove things out for yourself. So here's the deal:

Test the program out for 90 days. At the end of the three months, if you don't think there was value there for you, just say so and I will return your entire investment. No questions. No hassles. (No kidding!) There's only one condition: during those three months, you must actually USE at least some of the tools in the program.

But I Expect Something From You, Too
Extensive as it is, the Place of Hospitality program is still in its infancy. The Project Designers and I intend to add a LOT of additional content as we go along. How will we know what to work on next? That's easy -- we'll ask you what you'd really like to have!

In addition to your feedback on the pieces already in place, we encourage you to tell us what you would like to be able to do that presently seems impossible. When you call or email with an idea ("Wouldn't it be cool if we could _____ ?), the team will get busy and figure out how to make it happen. It's like having your own private R&D Department ... for free!

But without your input, we'd just be guessing ... and since the idea is to make APOH an essential part of your competitive advantage in the marketplace, we hope you will take ownership of the program and help us keep it real.

The 90-Day Test Drive
When you first sign up, you'll be charged for three months' of membership. This allows us to get you properly set up in all the programs and gives you enough time to try them all out so you can see what you think. (It will take awhile to learn how to use your new tools and work them into your daily routine.)

After that, your membership will automatically renew quarterly (without any longer-term obligation on your part). To cancel your membership, just send me an email. Upon receipt of your request, I will cancel your account. There are no partial refunds but there will also be no further charges. You will then have ten days to download all your data from the online systems, your password will be deleted from the systems and we will part as friends. No harm. No foul. No hassles.

Time Marches On
So that's the deal. No matter how much I try to describe this program, the only way to really know what a Gold Group membership -- and eventual certification as A Place of Hospitality -- can do for you is to find out for yourself. I hope what I've outlined is intriguing enough that you'll do just that (before your competitors beat you to it!)

All this support can be yours RIGHT NOW ... but only if you take advantage of this unique opportunity. It's not a leap of faith, it's a smart move ... so just do it! You've got very little at risk, a lot to gain and nothing to lose (but your struggle!)

    Do it now! The longer you wait, the higher the investment is likely to be ... and you will just have spent more time than you had to ... making less money than you could have. If this is a tough choice for you, then pass on it. You don't need more time -- you just need the courage to make a decision.