Enlightened Leadership

What If you could create and sustain a stress-free, self-cleaning organization that consistently delivers memorable service at a sustainable profit?

What If restaurateurs could nurture a positive work climate that every member of the staff was naturally focused on enhancing the lives of their guests and co-workers rather than being pre-occupied with their own personal needs and wants?

What If the work experience was so personally and professionally rewarding that staff and managers look forward to coming to work each day ... and leave more energized than when they arrived?

What If there was an effective program to share information, impart skills and foster productive attitudes at all levels of the organization?

The principles that provide the true hospitality experience are not things that you learn, but notions that you come to understand at ever deeper levels. Therefore it is essential that the company’s leaders continue their personal journeys in this direction.

A Place of Hospitality will provide continuing coaching support in the areas of life balance, leadership and management skills, climate-building, professional development, coaching, mentoring, clarity, accountability, mission and personal development. As goes the leader, so goes the organization.