Responsible Refreshment

What If you offered a beverage program that provides exceptional value, excites the senses and gratifies the soul?

What If you had a program of training and mentoring that raised the level of professional competence among the beverage staff?

What If you could stimulate the beverage staff at all levels to develop their professional skills and pursue professional excellence?

What If your beverage experience was so gratifying and compelling that it attracted a loyal following in the community and had serious workers clamoring to join the staff?

There is a tremendous potential for increased business in the beverage operation. Normally we think of this in terms of alcohol service but it is possible to be at least as inventive even if the operation does not have a full liquor license.

A Place of Hospitality will offer a full range of tips, tricks, ideas and best practices to create and sustain a memorable beverage program. This will include wine and cocktail programs, recipes, promotions, service standards, sanitation, purchasing, inventory control and bar menus.