Seamless Service

What If restaurants engaged all guests in a way that restored and enhanced their sense of well-being?

What If there was an effective support structure that would consistently deliver the experience of warmth and welcome to every guest?

What If this approach eliminated the distractions that prevent restaurant staff and management from being fully present to respond with the appropriate action in the appropriate manner at the appropriate moment?

What If the dining experience was so fulfilling that guests couldn’t wait to return and eagerly tell their friends?

A survey of fifty thousand restaurant-goers found that 62% of customer complaints nationwide were about service. While good service does not automatically equate to hospitality, A Place of Hospitality will always deliver the experience of being remarkably well-served. Even with the right attitudes in place, there are right and wrong ways to do things -- dos and don’ts, rules and rationales that create unobtrusive, responsive service no matter what the setting.

The consistent delivery of hospitality comes from an effective and appropriate service program addressing elements such as service sequence, standards, catering, takeout, sanitation, bar operations, inventory control, coaching and professional development -- in short, all the processes, procedures and personal skills involved in guest-contact positions.