All-Star Staff

What If every participating restaurant was the employer of choice in the markets they serve?

What If there was an effective methodology that will consistently attract the best people, accurately identify those who will actually deliver exceptional hospitality and retain them as enthusiastic members of the team?

What If you could assemble and nurture a happy, healthy and productive team of men and women who will actualize levels of ability and guest service which they didn’t even know they were capable of?

What If owners and managers could demonstrate such a commitment to the professional development and personal success of the staff that the crew became eager ambassadors for the company?

You must have an all-star staff to truly be A Place of Hospitality. Independent operators complain about the amount of time they spend trying to keep their shifts filled with quality workers so the system will include a proven process to find, select, develop and retain the best of the best.

Without an organized plan for creating a quality staff you are just making things up and you risk making mistakes, either by hiring the wrong person or by violating employment laws. Making it up takes more time, is less effective and produces more stress. When an operation is making it up, most of the work falls on the manager ... who is already overloaded. Worst of all, without a plan the restaurant doesn't get the best people ... and that is the greatest loss of all – for the house, the staff and especially for the guests.